AGENCY: NXT/A2N Reklame & Digitalbyrå
CLIENT NAME: Kjells Markiser
Campaign started: March 27, 2018
Campaign ended: Ongoing
Created at: September 14, 2018


Kjells markiser is a part of the Hunter Douglas Group and is Norway’s largest manufacturer and supplier of sun-blinding products. They sell and install premium external and internal products such as screens, blinds and shades in homes all-over Norway. The products are tailored to each specific home and they offer potential customers a free inspection of their house before an offer is made. NXT/A2N is responsible for the homepage as well as traffic- and leads-generating activities. Kjells markiser wanted an updated homepage, even better optimized for generating leads and NXT/A2N was asked to do the job.


The main goal with the homepage is generating leads to the sales-force. We measure leads in form of conversions, in this case number of sent contact-forms asking for a free inspection. Based on experience from previous versions of this homepage, following factors have been improved:

User friendly:

  • The over-all navigation-structure was changed in order to make it easier to find specific sections of the homepage and get fewer clicks.
  • The contact-form is made “sticky” on every page in order to always be visible.
  • The blog section is improved with new filter-options, tags, and recommendations for further reading.
  • A new campaign-section on the front-page makes it quicker for visitors to find campaigns/offers.


Enables us to generate organic traffic and save marketing expenses. Content has to be relevant to Google in order to rank high in their search engine. We have worked much with adding more relevant content, page-indexing and use of specific words.


  • Rational/Information: easier to find information of product-lines and specific products. We have also added articles about the ordering process, maintenance, energy-savings, product-features, etc.

Emotional/Inspiration: A new blog section with customers cases showing real-life solutions as well as articles about colour-choices, interior decoration, etc. Focus on visuals/pictures.


Instant success! After 5 months we already see some major changes in the use-pattern of the page, which has increased sales and helped get more out of the marketing activities (bought traffic yields better results).

Results in the period March.27th to August.31st compared with the same period in 2017:


  • Users: +17%
  • Sessions: +20%
  • Organic traffic: +30% (from 66.000 to 86.500)
  • Bounce-rate down from 18% to 16,5%


  • Contact-forms sent: +29% (from 9.000 to 11.600)
  • Conversion rate: +7%


  • Phones tracked via webpage: +50% (from 1.900 to 2.900)
  • E-mails tracked via webpage: +20% (from 1.560 to 1.900)
  • PDF-downloads: +17%



Campaign  element description:

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