AGENCY: NXT/A2N Reklame & Digitalbyrå
CLIENT NAME: Verdens Gang (VG)
Campaign started: January 17, 2018
Campaign ended: August 31, 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Verdens Gang (VG), Norway’s largest tabloid newspaper, employs teenagers between 13-16 years as “VG-Bud” (VG Paperboy) to deliver newspapers in the weekends, in their own neighborhood. The last couple of years NXT/A2N has, with great success, helped VG to recruit new teenagers through digital performance activities. Our task is to reach out to the right audience with information about VG-Bud, explain how it works and engage them to apply and get as many relevant applications as possible. We constantly search for new activities and new ways of communication with the target group. In January 2018 we hit the jackpot!


Target audience: teenagers between 13-16 years (and parents) throughout Norway. Local focus + excluding areas/routes already occupied by existing VG-Bud.

We already have high presence in various (push and pull) digital channels such as the Google Network, Social Media as Facebook and Instagram, and Audience networks (Apps). Even though results have been good, we have struggled with really reaching out to the teenagers. The above-mentioned channels are used by teenagers but are not their preferred way of communication. In Norway, Snapchat is the largest SoMe platform for teenagers and when they opened for adverts autumn 2017 we decided to adapt the communication strategy and make a test.

We asked existing VG-Bud to share their work-days with a home-made film and share it on Snapchat. Each month we pick a “VG-bud of the month” who is highlighted on the homepage as well as rewarded with a small premium and their own full-page ad in the print version of the VG newspaper (nationwide coverage!).

We also produced film-ads for Snapchat where authentic teenagers and VG-bud where highlighted. The idea was to create an authentic communication through user-generated content and to distribute it in a SoMe-channel where teenagers actually prefer to be.


The first day with Snapchat the ads generated 15.561 homepage sessions (88% of all sessions)! We received 127 applications with a spending of EUR 186 (EUR 1,46 per application).

Snapchat is now one of the major channels of the marketing-mix and generates 25% of all applications in 2018.

Snapchat results so far (January-August):

  • 4.600.000 impressions
  • 62.300 swipe-ups (clicks)
  • 1868 applications (conversions)
  • Cost per swipe-up: EUR 0,10
  • Cost per application: EUR 3,42 (Facebook-applications cost EUR 10,90)

Snapchat and the new communication strategy have also improved other results remarkably:

  • Homepage-sessions +150%
  • Display-ads conversions +70%
  • Paid Search conversions +82%
  • Organic Search conversions +3332%



Campaign  element description:

  • Campaign site,
  • VG-Bud user-generated Snaps
  • “Employee of the month” competition
  • Snapchat Ads