AGENCY: IDN Switzerland



To persuade existing customers which have already subscribed to a combination package by Swisscom to buy a more expensive, almost new subscription. Customers are subscribing actually to an outdated Internet and TV – optionally they also subscribe to fixed telephony. Because Swisscom has launched a new TV product (TV 2.0) in 2014 we would like to migrate all the existing customers with old TV on the new TV 2.0. This should be done online via direct sales conclusion. The challenge is the fact that the new combination packages (with TV 2.0) are more expensive. Averagely customers have to pay about CHF 30.- more per month. It is essential to neutralize the additional costs because the customers are also getting more power for TV 2.0.


By this task we have decided to use the web-based lead accelerators. We lead our target group by means of an e-mail on our web solution and lead them over the three phases model to our desired action – to buy a new Combi-package with Swisscom TV 2.0. The website is completely personalized. This allows us to address the customer by name, representing his latest products and invoices and he also has the opportunity – to buy the new product directly – via a single click.
The e-mail leads to the website. There arrived the appetences in reference to the new opportunities of TV 2.0 (1 phase) are increased. New features and various everyday examples make the product comprehensible. In the second phase we compare his current subscription to the new one. The price of the new services will appear downstream. In the third phase the customer only needs to confirm his order. A time-limited discount serves as an action accelerator.
For customers with fixed lines a comparative calculation is helpful for us to represent the current variable landline costs, to the new fixed prices.


The supply took place in waves. Here is an excerpt of such a supply via e-mail:
At 82’900 existing customers an e-mail was sent. 68% have opened the e-mail – 32% of them clicked on the Call-to-Action button and arrived on our web solution. Within the website 81% of the visitors reached the second phase – 20% of all website visitors even the third phase. Overall, 14% of the visitors bought the subscription. This accords to a conversion of 3:34% on the potential.


Currently we send the campaign in waves. The e-mail always remains the same, the website adapts only the closing date. PrintScreens of the three phases of the current site (Target group Bundle) are enclosed. The website is modular programmed so that we can address several target groups with the same system. Enclosed a sample link for customers with bundled or Internet Broadband: (target group Bundle) (Target group with internet landline – version with comparative calculation)