AGENCY: B&F Brueggemann & Freunde
CLIENT NAME: Gothaer Insurance Company
Campaign started: 09/01/2021
Campaign ended: 08/10/2022
Created at: August 10, 2022


In the corona pandemic and the shutdown with a lack of many social events, many people have a dog adopted as a pet.
Gothaer Insurrance Company recognized this fact and asked B&F to develop an overall new concept for the existing animal health insurance.
The concept should work not so much with insurance terms but with an emotional point of view.
A dog seen as a social partner shown in all stages of its life cycle explaining the respective needs of animal and pet owner.


We started in September 2021 with the development of a brochure in a large format, which displayed the four stages of age of a dog from the
puppy to the senior dog in a striking way. The brochure was sent to Gothaer customers by post or handed over in person. The argumentation
was supported by a short video clip that was created at the same time and was used online in a variety of ways.
Over the months other means of advertising became necessary.
• Insurance offices have been closed to customers during the shutdown. So we developed one digital product sheet that could be personalized for
the customer.
• Furthermore, a number of standard advertising materials e.g. mailings were created.
• A complette brochure for internal use was developed as the latest sales aid. This helps the insurance agent to advertise and sell the product even
more convincingly. Many advertising materials can be sent by individual insurance offices to their customers. The acceptance and use of such
advertising media are an important indicator of success. And of course the growth in sales volume.


The results of the Pets in Pandemic campaign are extremely impressive:
– With an index of 160%, the retrieval of the advertising material by the insurance offices is well above the average
– In terms of growth and order volume, a comparison of the 1st quarter of 2020 with the 1st quarter of 2022 shows an increase of more than 40%
– It is almost twice as high as the industry average!
– Encouraged by the great success with dog owners, it has already been announced that the campaign will continue in 2023
– An extension to cat owners and horse owners is also planned