AGENCY: Create Direct
CLIENT NAME: Philip Morris International
Campaign started: 03/01/2021
Campaign ended: 08/01/2022
Created at: August 23, 2021


  • The company was interested in creating a campaign for IQOS through which retailers are being incentivized;
  • Focus on increasing profitability and strengthening retailers’ loyalty;
  • Create a campaign based not just on quantity (high sales), but also based on quality (promotional materials presentation).


Solution & Strategy

  • Create a rewards program based on cashback for shop owners
  • To receive cashback, shop owners buy PMI IQOS products. PMI uploads the transactions in the system, and the system calculates and allocates the money into the user accounts.
  • The users may redeem the money, to be paid, on 2 options:

1. Uploads an invoices to Promotiful Portugal – a company that manages the cashback campaigns

2. Chose to be invoiced automatically, on their behalf, in order to receive the money



Step 1 – The shop owner access the PMI Partner Portal (Open).

Step 2 – If he has rights on the Owners Campaign, he will be transferred automatically via SSO to our platform

Step 3 – In the Owners platform, he can see his transactions and how much money he has accumulated as cashback

Step 4 – If he wants to redeem, he must do the following:

1.Confirm his fiscal data

2.Confirm the IBAN account and uploads a statement from the bank as proof that it is his account

3.Choose how the cashback is transferred:

-> He can upload an invoice to Promotiful, with the amount and campaigns he received cashback


-> He can choose Promotiful to make an automatic invoice on his behalf, which is instantly approved

Step 5 – After the invoice is validated, a SEPA file is being generated in order to make the payments

Philip Morris International had a specific target defined for each retailer. When meeting the target set, the retailer receives cashback. Retailer is rewarded monthly / quarterly depending on the target achieved.

Cashback based on high quality presentation of promotional materials:

-> For each store there is allocated a Brand Builder (PMI representative)
-> Brand builders have a portfolio of stores selected based on location
-> Brand builder pays monthly visits to retailers and collects data on the target achieved
-> The information is centralized and sent to us for the loading of the incentives


The program has been recently launched (in March 2021). However, over 300k Euro were paid as cashback until now.

The program has a high success due to the:

  • – Automatization of processes and payments
  • – Management of PMI rewards campaign
  • – Easy to be managed by the agencies
  • – Transparency to the users / shop owners
  • – Integration with Primavera – the ERP of the Promotiful Portugal


Philip Morris International – Create Direct 2021