AGENCY: Direxions
CLIENT NAME: Direxions
Campaign started: 01/01/2020
Campaign ended: 12/31/2020
Created at: August 25, 2021


Offer Benefits within the Privilege Club Program that not only enhances the Customers Professional but Personal Life too , while extending the same to their families.


Rise above the hurdles of the past year by introducing non-traditional offering within the basket of benefits.
The Privilege Club acted as action-oriented ethos, made for Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs) which endeavors to:
Empower &
The Privilege Club engaged with MFDs to determine how to catalyze the new normal post Covid-19.
Along with doing so it we also engaged with management institutes to curate special online programs; an alternate to the traditional classroom sessions that was being evangelized
Curated benefits that would not only enhance the professional but the personal life of the MFD


Our investment in state of the art technology and top class infrastructure equipped us to offer proactive services which made our MFDs experiences user friendly and seamless inspite of the fact that these benefits were offered to them on a first time basis through an online opt in form (otherwise done manually).
The Privilege Clubs 360 degree approach towards the development and growth of each MFD is one of the prime factors why we received the recognition we deserved through our offerings.
Feedback received from MFDs showcased a positive shift from offline to online benefits.
Registration into the program increased by 14%
Increase in the number of Quarterly Benefits applicants