CLIENT NAME: Gruenenthal pharmaceuticals
Campaign started: 12/ 2019
Campaign ended: 01/ 2020
Created at: August 11, 2020


Gruenenthal is a leading pharmaceutical company. The marketing department wanted to increase the anticipation of its employees on the nationwide field service fair introducing a new product for pain therapy in January 2020 with a very special campaign. The briefing said: „Let your imagination sprout. We expect something extraordinary.“ Well, we were delighted to take that literally.


B&F created an outstanding campaign using and extending the classic keyvisual of the new product (man with wheelbarrow). The campaign includes three stages send by mailing to each employee invited.

In step one the sales representatives received a garden diorama as well as first information, also regarding a possible incentives.

In step two of the campaign (one week later) everyone receives a small package with a flower pot personalized with his name. The flower pot was ment to be placed in the middle of the diorama. By watering the cress seeds a fast growing garden can be created in a short time. A synonym for the fast growing profits with new product.

In step three (one week later) cardboard displays with gardening tools, decorations and small animlas living in the garden were send to individualize the garden diarama to be unique. The finished dioramas should be photographed and uploaded online. At the field service fair the winners of this diorama contest were honored. The campaign was a great success and everyone had fun written in the face.


The campaign‘s success was outstanding. Over 68% of all sales representatives took part and were active in the campaign. This means an increase of 24% over the campaign in 2018 and even 41% over the campaign in 2017. The number of field service fair visitors was also increased sustainably by around 18%. In addition to the strong symbolism of the rapidly growing profits, another success factor was the simple participation via the online upload, as well as the creative design options of the participants. This was evident from many additional comments attached to the photos.


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