AGENCY: NXT/A2N Reklame & Digitalbyrå
Campaign started: 21.03.2017
Campaign ended: Still going strong
Created at: August 18, 2017


NETS is Scandinavia’s leading provider of Payment solutions, with more than 3.000 employees. This started as a pitch with 5 other agencies. The brief was to come up with a concept on how raise NETS employees’ awareness of security threats facing them personally and as a company. This is an internal campaign for NETS, but also a huge focus area for the company. They wanted a concept that people could relate to, and by using humour and playfulness make security approachable and less strict.


Target audience: employees at NETS (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland).

Creative strategy: find a symbol or mascot that could embody NETS’ security strategy, and actively “fight” the threats facing the company. It was important for us to create something that would engage and humour the employees, increasing their willingness to listen to this important message. We created the superhero: ProtecThor. He was “hired” by NETS to fight crime and educate the employees about existing dangers. The campaign is split into different topics to be launched over several years. ProtecThor is a reoccurring figure in all topics – fighting villains based on the highlighted security threat.

Media strategy: use easily accessible platforms, along with printed material, to be broadly visually present during the campaign. The use of video, posters, brochures and stands ensured this. Using simple language and concise communication, we wanted the target audience to catch the point as quickly as possible.

One of our most important goals was also to get the employees to talk about ProtecThor amongst themselves. To create buzz before the launch, we published a teaser movie and placed ProtecThor business cards on every employee desk. This created a growing curiosity for what was coming.


ProtecThor is a huge hit. We produced key bands that almost all employees wear around their necks. It has been a continued conversation topic around the water cooler. The campaign has also been a topic at board meetings and also ended up with the VP “taking a picture” with ProtecThor. We conducted a survey at the beginning of the campaign testing the level of employees’ security knowledge. At the end of the campaign we will do the same to see if the level has increased.

NETS employees have welcomed ProtecThor, and are curious about the next instalment of the story.


New profile (logo, fonts, symbols, characters, colours)






Business cards

Easter card


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