AGENCY: Direxions
CLIENT NAME: Birla Corporation Ltd.
Campaign started: 03/25/2021
Campaign ended: 04/05/2021
Created at: August 27, 2021


A campaign to cheer up the members during the pandemic, built around the festival of Holi, one of the biggest Indian festivals, known as the festival of colors,


– The thought behind-
– To seamlessly blend with the festive celebration and make it extremely simple to participate- click photos on the phone and upload right from there.
– To make fun rewarding, thus making participation appealing.

– To upload pictures of the festive celebration with friends and family on the program website. Up to 3 pictures per member.


– Members lapped up the opportunity of sharing their festive and fun moments and getting rewarded for that.
– Entries showed the warmth, cheer and unbridled joy of all the age groups of family members that underscores the strong emotional connect of the campaign.
– The scale of participation also talks for its success.35% participation from active member base.