CLIENT NAME: Krydderhagen (AF Gruppen and Hoegh Eiendom)


In recent years, real estate market in Oslo has rocketed to new heights, as it seems everyone wants to get a piece of urban life. Krydderhagen is a new development located in central Oslo that will include several construction phases and consist of 500 apartments when completed in 2020. Because the launch of the new building “Saffron” with 75 apartments were planned mid August, the challenge was to keep potential buyers interested throughout the summer (not buying in any of the competing projects in the meantime!), without having a lot of information about the apartments to offer at this stage.


Target audience:
Young couples aged 25-35 and new families aged 25-45 looking for compact apartments with a fondness of sharing economy lifestyle. (Common rooftop terrace, city-bikes, car sharing pool) There was also focus on first-time buyers that were tired of losing bidding auctions and wanted fixed price in order to getting their dream apartment. Analysis showed that most of the buyers were already living in the nearby area (Oslo 4, 5, 6), and we concentrated on these audiences/locations.

Creative strategy:
Various digital channels dropped soft facts/information about the project, such as the benefits of the cooperative and sharing economy – relying heavily on social media as Facebook and Google AdWords, Paid Search and Display. In order to ensure massive impact leading up to sale start, and gather as many leads as possible on the way, the target groups were carefully exposed of various ad campaigns with accelerated budgets.

Media strategy/execution:
Continuously optimizing ads throughout campaign and continuously offer more of the content that the users responded to and engaged in. A lot of A/B testing in order to optimize the budget. Remarketing, custom audience, lookalike audience and newsletter kept the anticipation high for the right crowd of potential buyers.


• Total impressions: 10,5 million
• Reach: 875.000 persons in the target-group
• Page-views on website: 245.000
• Unique visitors: 31.600
• 1.439 conversions (Leads from form-entries on website)
• 1.777 downloads of documents
• 79 % of all conversions came from Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Paid Search and Display
• 612 purchase offers received from 163 buyers
• Apartment no.13 got 13 offers alone!
• 56 (of 75) apartments SOLD
• 265M NOK purchase value (EUR 28,6M)
• Record sales for new apartments for national region.
• Front page on Finansavisen Friday 27.08.16 (The Financial Report)


• Webpage with visual apartment module
• Facebook page
• Facebook Ads
• Google AdWords Paid Search
• Google Display webbanners