Campaign started: March 1, 2019
Campaign ended: March 31, 2019
Created at: July 25, 2019


Our customer wanted to thank his sales partners for the cooperation so far and to motivate them for the future. Therefore, they wanted to give the partners a USB-stick lighter incl. USB charging cable. This should be presented and shipped high quality. According to the motto „think-big“ the mailing should become „Apple-like“ – high quality materials, minimalistic layout, refined elements. In addition to the lighter a flyer with important contact details for the partner should be integrated.


The complete package was conceived and implemented around the story „burning passion“. The high-quality cardboard presents all Elemete attention-grabbing. It is functional and meets the postal requirements. Therefore, it was decided for a box with a flap. In the cover was first the cover letter. The flyer was also visible. Due to the eye-catching headlines and the appealing images, the flyer has a long service life. Only below was the gift, which gives the story even more depth. It is a high-tech lighter with arc technology, which is charged via a USB cable.


The package „Real Hot“ received very good praise and recognition from all sales partners. The feedback was consistently positive. Not only the extraordinary gift was praised, but also the consistently executed creation and the storyline. In such a motivated mood, it was much easier for regional distributor management to introduce new products and accelerate the conclusion of contracts. In the months following the campaign, EWE products were increasingly sold siginfikantly by the distribution partners. Der Ablift im The equal to the previous months rose by 18.5%. Until the submission deadline for the IDN Award, this positive effect was unbroken.

IDN_AWARD_BUF_Real hot package