CLIENT NAME: Linas Matkasse (Lina’s Grocery Bag)


Linas Matkasse delivers grocery bags to the customer’s door. The company is market leader in Sweden and has since long used addressed direct mailing to attract new customers. The mailings are mostly produced in-house. Roi Division was asked to come up with a more “creative” idea for a direct mailing, to be compared with the in-house one.


The target groups were found using a scoring model based on existing customers, how they’ve become customers and their socio-economical and demographical data.

We divided the target groups into sub groups, which got either the in-house mailing or our, more idea-based, one. They both had the same offer and trigger.

We made the direct mailing look like a restaurant menu. Using digital printing, each one had a different name – using the recipient’s surname as the name of the restaurant. If the recipient’s surname was for example “Larsson”, we printed “Restaurant Larsson” on the front page.

Inside, we showed an example of a week’s menu and the offer with triggers.

Objectives: 20% more new customers than the in-house mailing.


The Roi Division direct mailing gave a 36% better result (80% above the objectives of the campaign) compared to the in-house produced direct mailing.

In total, the Roi Division mailing gained 85% more new customers than the target.

Also, it measured higher in observation value and liking than the in-house produced mailing.