CLIENT NAME: Ministry of Interior


Trime Media was commissioned by the Ministry of Interior to create communication that informed residents of Bahrain of fundamental changes in the new traffic law which would lead to better driving behaviors on Bahrain’s roads.
To manage information carefully to ensure understanding that the new traffic law was introduced to improve safety and not to increase revenue through fines.
To communicate with disparate sections of society, some of which had opposing views to Ministry of Interior initiatives.
To build better relations between all sections of society and the Ministry of Interior, ensuring the public were aware that statistics were the primary driver behind the issue.


Target Audience:
Primary: Drivers
Secondary: Non-driving adults and schoolchildren

Creative Strategy:
Since the early 1990s road injury had become the leading cause of premature death in Bahrain. Something had to change. People had to think again. Thus making people aware was the primary marketing strategy that was delivered through a creative strategy whose name epitomized what people had to do, namely ReThink.

Media Strategy:
Experiential and ambient media were adopted to truly engage audiences.

The strategy was executed nationwide to inform multiple audiences through engaging media – by doing so the media selection ensured audience interaction would lead to greater learning and better behavior. This had particularly relevance for the next generation of drivers.


1. Experiential branded stands strategically located in over 10 locations brought about considerable engagement from thousands of inquisitive visitors
2. Businesses even created their own CSR initiatives with our branding
3. Branded stands in over 10 locations brought in thousands of inquisitive visitors
4. Ambient pieces such as wheelchairs added to the drama and brought home the consequences of driving recklessly