CLIENT NAME: Create Direct
Campaign started: August 1, 2018
Campaign ended: August 24, 2020
Created at: August 24, 2020


Companies struggle with lack of knowledge and resources to create an incentive, trade or reward campaign from zero and the logistic efforts to manage it.
Building a platform for perfect-running reward campaigns can take 2-3 months.
Companies wish to implement reward, incentive or trade campaigns but don’t know where to start. How to keep existing customers, and also attract new ones without extra efforts? How to build long term engagement?
The goal was to offer a solution to all the problems companies face. A solution that comprises everything, from building the website to logistics.
Furthermore, the solution must be innovative, adaptable to different clients, and relevant to the end user.


Rewardiful is the online solution that allows the client to create their own incentive, trade or reward campaign in just 24 hours!
Set-up and platform management is easy and intuitive.
The campaign is up and running in less than 24 hours.
A wide variety of rewards to choose from. Prizes and logistics are included.
Real time update of the prizes. Safe and reliable mechanism of granting points.


-E-vouchers & prepaid vouchers
Surprising customers with prepaid vouchers. The vouchers can be used on Rewardiful platform and can have different values, set by the client.
Types of vouchers:
Digital – with codes that you can send by email
Offline – prepaid vouchers
The package includes an envelope together with a Thank You letter, with a card made of plasticized paper for prepaid voucher, glued to the letter, which the user can use on the platform.

-Buy Credit: Option to buy points with credit card
This is simply done by e-payment using a normal credit or debit card. The user logs into his/her account and goes to “Buy Credit”, fills in the amount of points wanted and the card data and simply presses “Buy”. Once the payment is processed, the platform gives the credited points to the user and he/she can order the desired prize right then and there.

-“My wish” feature for when a user wants a certain product he can’t find in the catalog.
The user has to login, go to “My wish” and fill in the desired item that he/she wants in the catalogue. The Rewardiful team will research it and place it into that user’s catalogue. He/she will be the only one who could see it. The user can order it whenever they want.

-Transfer Points: Platform users transfer points from one another
“Transfer Points” feature is for users from the same platform wanting to transfer points to one another. Transfering points is done in real time by just entering the email address of the destination user and number of points.

-Sales & Progress Dashboard: Keeping partners updated regarding their progress and target
In a trade campaign, partners do not see where they stand between the sales target and achievement? Client can show to users the progress they make in sales until they reach the target. The client can customize the view, colors, graph type. Users can see multiple targets and multiple achievements area.

-Gamification: Users can win points by playing games
Through strategic game designs and mechanics, the client has the opportunity of motivating the users to achieve their objectives.
Done through:
-Memory cards
-Pac-man – available soon
-Quizzes – available soon
-Play & Win Games – available soon

How it works:
-Choose the frequency of the game
-Change the games for diversity
-The user get points for playing the game


Famous brands are using Rewardiful for their loyalty, rewards or trade campaigns. We would like to mention: Microsoft, Xerox, Fegime, Up Rom
ania, Holcim, REHAU, Bosch, HP, Siniat, Caparol, Telekom, TNT, Saint Gobain, Fabrio, Bramac and the list goes on.
The positive results are encouraging us to further develop the solution and have a product that stays relevant, always.