AGENCY: Harvest Digital
Campaign started: 11/01/2021
Campaign ended: 09/30/2022
Created at: September 5, 2022


Rightly is a Data Champion. They lead the way in helping to protect people against their data being misused by brands.
Our brief was to acquire more customers and at the same time to aggressively reduce the cost of customer acquisition through digital channels.


Rightly’s PPC and Paid Social performance had been stable. However, they were utilising keywords such as “Parking Tickets” which drove most of the leads but were ineffective at driving conversions. When we excluded irrelevant campaigns, they were underperforming against their targets.

We delivered a major restructure across both their Paid Social and Google Adwords accounts. Structuring them to allow for maximised performance with a strategy from top to bottom to ensure keywords and audiences that were performing best could have their spend maximised

Alongside this we started a rigorous testing process, turning around at least three tests per month, allowing us to loop test learnings back into business as usual activity very quickly.

We also developed bespoke creative for each audience segment – that increased relevance led to a doubling of click through rates.


Cost per registration was reduced by over 400%, down from around £32 per new user to £6.

What’s more we have kept that cost consistently low for three months in a row, while growing overall spend.