AGENCY: IDN Netherlands




In the Netherlands, Allianz is an established brand amongst brokers. The introduction of the internet, has shaken the insurance market up. Consumers started doing their research and purchases online.

Shifting the communication focus from brokers directly to consumers, is a huge step for Allianz. Allianz was aiming to launch the “Allianz brand” step by step. Starting with a pre-launch in their home town: Rotterdam.

The brief
How can we make an impact in the city center of Rotterdam, to let citizens know the tall building in the city belongs to car insurer Allianz?


Our solution
It was our goal to really rock the streets of Rotterdam with a new and innovative idea and a relatively small budget. Allianz has a tall building in the city center of Rotterdam. We wanted people to stop and stare while they were doing their shopping.

Target audience
Citizens of Rotterdam, with a spin-off on PR and social media

The campaign theme
Your car is in save hands with Allianz

Parked on the hotspot of Rotterdam, assured of the best!

Creative Strategy:
How can we get people to stop for a second in the buzzing center of Rotterdam? By creating an optical illusion they don’t expect! Using high profile graphic 3d artists, we’ve build an underground parking garage with only the hottest cars. We’ve created a 40 square meters piece of artwork that made people stop, film, take photographs and share on social media. When the drawing was finished, people stopped to find the right angle to play with the 3d effect. We invited people to pose on their picture, as if it was their own personal parking lot, as if they were a celeb in MTV’s “Cribs”.


– Hundreds of gazing looks and buzz in the city
– Shares on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
– Excitement and awareness for the pre-launch amongst the Allianz staff
– Articles in the local media of Rotterdam


– 3d street art
– Time lapse video
– PR / social media


15.0422 IDN 2015 Case – Allianz streetart.pdf