AGENCY: IDN South Africa



Samsung approached the Agency to create a direct communication piece to promote its Signature (high end appliance range) to what it classifies as the premium market.

3 Main objectives :
• To maintain and improve Client’s presence in the premium space
• To increase brand preference among this target market
• To add a WOW factor to each of the products featured – something that ties in with the positioning of the products and how it relates to premium segment
The major challenge was acquiring the required data to meet client’s target audience (i.e. the audience is easy to describe but not so easy to acquire usable data for).


The more accurate the target market is in terms of appeal to the products offered, the better response a Client will get. It is through this thinking that the Agency decided to target high net worth customers that are most likely to use Premium high technology products in their homes. The Agency selected the Top CEOs and Financial Directors of the Top 100 companies in South Africa, as well as the Top management people in advertising agencies, the entertainment sector, sports world and high end decorators – who are influencers for people that fit the target audience criteria.

Further thinking around this pack was that no matter how wealthy you are, you still are more likely to respond to an offer when you receive a premium as well as a special exclusive offer.

Apart from the outstanding quality of the finished pack there were a couple of other innovations:
• The free gift of the Signature pen with laser pointer included a USB stick featuring promotional material, and tying up with the whole “Signature” concept adopted by Client
• An App was built by the Agency to enable prospects to view the various products in the range in their own home environment using Augmented Reality. This achieved an open rate in excess of 20%.


Samsung and the Agency received a multitude of emails and calls related to the campaign and the products.

Samsung Brand stores participating in the campaign saw their product sales related to the Signature Series triple for the 4 weeks following the campaign’s launch.

Furthermore, the Signatures Series App details were only sent to the people receiving the 3D pack (2,500 high net worth individuals). Out of these 2,500 people, 569 unique receivers downloaded the app and tried the products in their home, which gives an impressive 23% App take up. Word of mouth, as well as social media shares, enabled the Signature Series DM campaign to have a much greater reach than if we had only spoken to the 2,500 high net worth individuals targetted.

Samsung has since used the App for every new product launch following the Signature Series campaign closure.


The Mail Pack included :
• A Premium box with sleeve
• A personalized A4 letter
• An A4 Ultra-Premium brochure with imported paper from Italy
• A tray – voucher to bring in-store
A “Signature” gift : Premium Branded USB Pen