AGENCY: IDN South Africa



Samsung was seeking to develop, print and deliver a 3D direct mail pack, incorporating a catalogue and Signature Series gift, to a premium database. It was a requirement that the pack should have a premium look and feel, consistent with the expectations of the target audience.

The Signatures Series range is a range of Premium Samsung Products that can be used at home in a unique eco system, making people’s lives easier. It is aimed at High Net Worth Individuals as all the products are top of the range in their category.

3 Main objectives :
• To maintain and improve Client’s presence in the premium space.
• To increase brand preference among this target market.
• To add a WOW factor to each of the products featured – something that ties in with the positioning of the products and how it relates to premium.


With this app, the entire was around the third objective detailed above i.e. to create a WOW factor.

The Samsung is synonymous with high technology … being one of the most innovative brands in the world.

The Agency developed the concept of enabling recipients of the pack to experience how the 5 main Signature Series products would look in their own home. Products chosen were 2 TV sets, a washing machine, a refrigerator and an air conditioner.

People, when downloading the Samsung Signature Series app through instructions on the box, were able to see how it would look in their living room, kitchen, bedroom as well as take a picture of it and share it with their friends and family on social media.

Through the app people were able to see how the products would fit best in their own environment.


The Signatures Series App details were only sent to the people receiving the 3D pack (2,500 high net worth individuals). Out of these 2,500 people, 569 unique receivers downloaded the app and tried the products in their homes, which gave an impressive 23% App take up.

Samsung has since used the App for every new product launch following the Signature Series campaign closure.


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