AGENCY: IDN South Africa

CLIENT NAME: Save the Children South Africa


The Campaign Objectives Were :

– To raise the profile of Save the Children South Africa through a digital viral campaign
– To increase the visibility around the issue of new-born and maternal survival
– To increase awareness of the Every New-born Action Plan


The strategy was to drive visitors via social media to a high impact micro site. The site communicated 3 core messages :

– HOPE: There is a need, a solution and we can make a difference
– PRIDE: I am a part of a winning team of South Africans who are saving the lives of mothers and their children.
– URGENCY: I am needed now and I am a necessary part of the solution

The main call to action for this #SACares campaign was “Join our Campaign”.

The user experience included:
• “Join the Campaign” – data collection
• Watch: Common Thread video
• 5-10 boxes with Global and Local statistics
• One box for a case study
• Social Media boxes: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter content to be shared everyday
• Watch: Ending New-born Deaths Animation
• 5-10 images of mothers and children

Websites and micro sites tend to be static. The result is that most visitors have insufficient reasons to return.
The underlying “idea” behind this site was to provide visitors with a new task that had to be completed every day. It was this use of the “new task” concept that delivered a user experience that encouraged site visitors to come back every day. This in turn built engagement. Tasks included :
• Read relevant statistics
• Like Facebook / Twitter pages
• Tweet / Retweet statistics
• Watch videos
• Get involved with Save the Children
• Donate to Save the Children


The impact on social media for this campaign was remarkable : new followers on Twitter increased by 80% in one week and that the campaign dramatically increased interaction and involvement on social media platforms for SCSA. As for Facebook, page likes increased by 28,5% during the campaign, and new page likes by 521,6% in a week.

During the week of the campaign, the engagement rate for SCSA was 2,1%, which is exceptional, compared to their previous average of 0,29%. Tsuggests that our content was relevant to our target audience.

The SCSA YouTube Channel videos usually get less than 100 views. We managed to increase traffic from our microsite to the YouTube channel to more than 1000 views, which for SCSA has never been done before.


Microsite / Social Media plugins – share capabilities