AGENCY: IDN South Africa

CLIENT NAME: Save the Children South Africa


Manage the Google Grants Application so that Save the Children can be able to use $10,000 a month as free advertising on the Google channels

Use Google Adwords to raise SCSA’s awareness on the web as well as pushing people to interact with the organization’s work


A 2 phase strategy was adopted. First the Agency had to secure the grant from Google to Save the Children South Africa.

Note that Save the Children South Africa had tried to apply themselves a few months before and that the application was denied due to Save the Children being a global organization, and having grants in the United States.

The Agency re-worked on the application documentation from the beginning with an argument stating that Save the Children South Africa was a different entity than the global entity.

In terms of the Adwords strategy itself, the Agency worked on various ad Groups and campaigns that would ensure a maximum reach for Save the Children on the Google networks.

The Agency is working daily on campaigns, and currently we have 41 Ad Groups that target different types of searches – and that are also updated according to the latest news happening in South Africa, with adverts that are all different from each other. Some examples of Ad Groups :
Children Africa
Literacy Education
Child Health
Father’s Day SA
SA Youth Day
Child Protection
World Breastfeeding Week


After a few attempts, the application for Save the Children via the Agency was approved, enabling Client to get $10,000 a month worth of free advertising to the cause.

Some ads have had Click Through rates figures to up to 7,8%.

More impressively, through our various Adwords campaign, 73% of the SCSA’s website traffic comes from the Adwords the Agency is working on.

Since the start of the Adwords strategy, the Save the Children website has quadrupled its visits on months to months comparisons.


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