CLIENT NAME: Cellulem Block Bellezza
Campaign started: May 1, 2017
Campaign ended: June 30, 2017
Created at: August 11, 2017


The client has 18 years of experience in beauty. Presence in over 300 centres in 7 countries. Cellulem Block centres are specialized in slimming and anti-cellulite treatments and IPL and LASER permanent hair removal.
The objective of the online campaign was to boost visits at the salon and to increase sales of IPL and LASER permanent hair removal.


Our strategy was to create a series of landing pages with several offers – as clear as possible. To make it even more clear to the customer we hosted the landing page on (something like
We’ve created a set of banners in order to promote the landing pages.

The main target:
20-50 years old
Interests for getting fit, gyms, diets, aerobics, etc.
Lookalike Audiences from client’s database of customers
Income >500EUR/month NET
Location: Bucharest + Constanta (the cities with Cellulem centres)

The campaign mechanics:
We’ve created the landing pages and the banners, for different offers, with different versions of landing pages for A/B testing, to maxime our performances and continuous improving of the overall campaign.
We’ve started a Facebook campaign and a Google Display Network campaign using the created banners in order to draw audience into the landing pages.
We used the landing pages in order to transform the visitor into client. On these, we’ve created a very short form that the visitor had to fill in in order to receive a voucher of 30 EUR to use in the desired centre for permanent hair removal.
In the moment that they filled the form all data was transferred to Cellulem sales department by mail according to the selected centre. The Cellulem sales team will immediately call the user, congratulate her for the voucher and setup the appointment.


The results were very good:
– 10.000 visitors (in 2 moths)
– 310 leads (conversions)
– 3% lead rate
– conversion rate 100%
– 3% conversion rate
The client was so happy with the results that requested another campaign from us this time involving also geo targeted SMS (we try to geolocate all women in target and send them an SMS inviting them into the landing page) – in order to increase even more the conversion rate.


– Website / online platform:


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