AGENCY: Harvest Digital
CLIENT NAME: Scuderia Car Parts
Created at: September 1, 2021


Scuderia sells spare parts and tuning services for very high-end luxury car marques including Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche.

They have a huge catalogue of over one million parts available and deliver globally.

Our task was to increase digital sales both in the UK and internationally with a particular focus on traffic from organic search. At the same time, we have continually enhanced the user experience on the website, for instance by improving internal search functionality.


Finding a spare part for a luxury car is all about search.

We developed a smart SEO canonical algorithm across Scuderia’s million+ catalogue. This showed Google which parts to index and made sure that all possible keyword combinations were visible to Google. When users searched on a product code, we returned the closest matching search.

We also introduced server-side enhanced ecommerce to reduce website loading terms and improve landing page quality.

Secondly, a lot of search behaviour starts broad ‘Bentley parts’, then uses internal site search to find the right part.

So we did a lot of work to fine tune the internal search engine, for instance:

* Misspelling configuration, so searches for Mazerati match to Maserati
* Auto-completion of results – so a search for Maserati prompted for popular spares like disc brakes
* Synonym algorithm – searches for ‘spoiler’ show tail wing, searches for ‘diffuser’ show tail lip.
* Mixed entity searching – so you could search for ‘marque + model + part’, or ‘model + part’


There are dozens of ways to measure the impact of a project like this, but we prefer to focus on the big numbers which drive business value.

All this data compares the performance for the past 12 months to August 2021 with the same period two years ago – i.e. pre-pandemic.

Total site visits: Up 65%
New users: Up 54%
Ecommerce conversion rate: Up 57%
Ecommerce revenue: Up 103%