CLIENT NAME: Scuderia Car Parts
Campaign started: August 1, 2019
Campaign ended: April 30, 2020
Created at: August 24, 2020


Scuderia sells spare parts and tuning services for very high-end luxury car marques including Aston Martin, Bentely, Ferrari, Maserati and more.

They have a huge catalogue of nearly one million parts available and deliver globally.

Our task was to increase e-commerce profit both in the UK, US and internationally.


Our approach was to improve the customer experience and specifically to make the journey to purchase as smooth as possible.

We defined the online customer journey as starting with the first brand exposure – which for Scuderia normally represents an appearance in a search results page.

From a search point of view, we corrected some meta-data to make sure that the appropriate content was appearing to users in international markets. We also made many changes to the way the product feed was displayed to make sure that the search listing was as relevant as possible.

Working with the client, we also introduced some new customer-focused functionality into the site. Our goal was to answer customer questions on the initial landing page, to reduce bounce rate (which is a strong negative signal to search engines).For instance, we introduced interactive schematic diagrams, to allow customers to easily identify the part, price and exactly where they fitted into the car. We also incorporated functionality that estimated delivery costs based on the dimensions and weight of a spare part. We also fixed numerous UX issues that our audit identified.

Taken individually, these might seem like modest changes to the service proposition, but they made it very much easier for a customer to decide to buy from Scuderia rather than from a competitor.


There are dozens of ways to measure organic search performance, but we chose the simplest, and focused on revenue generated from visitors

The improvements were dramatic:

* 96% increase in Quotes YoY (June 2019 vs June 2020)
* 103% increase in Profit YoY (June 2019 vs June 2020)