AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Weber Netherlands
Campaign started: March 1, 2017
Campaign ended: March 31, 2017
Created at: August 18, 2017


Last March, Weber opened their first brand store in the Netherlands with a grand opening. This store offers the entire range of Weber products, with a Grill workshop space (Grill Academy) attached to the store. A Grill Valhalla for all Weber-barbecuefans.

Weber asked vandenbusken to create a campaign to reach their fans through Facebook and inform them about the existence of the Weber Original Store.


We connected the opening of the Weber Orginal Store to the Social Media Strategy, in which we aimed to open the dialogue with real life Weber fans, to increase their engagement and inspire from one fan to another.


We decided to use the strength of the brand to get in contact 4 of the biggest and most exciting barbecue bloggers of The Netherlands and invite them as a VIP to the opening. We helped Weber to give them the most special treatment of all guests. The bloggers got to test several new barbecues as one of the first in the Netherlands in their dedicated corner.


We also organised a steak competition for the die-hard Weber fans. Every barbecue fan believes they cook the best steak, so we challenged them to share their barbecue recipe. The best 5 responds where invited to the opening day, and could show their grill skills to a professional jury. The winner left with a great price: a barbecue worth €2.000,-


Weber did not have to create much content themselves, this was done by the bloggers and fans that were present and so excited about joining this special day. All Weber had to do was share.



The campaign was very successful, considering the total advertising budget of € 0,- . All 4 bloggers have shared their own authentic blog post about the opening, Grill academy and/or Weber products, and we never asked them to. This left us with the following results:

  • At the bloggers websites, we had a reach of 31.250 people.
  • Through the bloggers social media pages, we received 558 likes.
  • One of the bloggers became a Weber Grill Master and now leads grill courses in the Weber Grill Academy’s.

It was the start of a collaboration between Weber and the barbecue bloggers.



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  • Social
  • EDM



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