BRIEF (AMS) is the only AIR MILES Shopping Mall where Collectors can easily and conveniently earn reward miles at leading online stores

The Shop2School Contest was first introduced in 2009, through The contest encouraged Collectors to play an online matching game to win a $10,000 American Express gift card and up to a 5x multiplier. This multiplier could then be used on online purchases at


To drive additional traffic to the AMS site, supplementary online components included personalized ads, promotional ads and 2 emails (launch & reminder). External ads were also placed on Yahoo and Flyerland and

We took advantage of the AIR MILES eNewsletter and did a complete takeover. From a social media perspective, we incorporated Facebook and Twitter share functionality. We really focused on personalization within the game and ads on AMS, rich prizing to entice our Collectors, instant value and reminders.

A visit to the AMS site featured an eye-catching take over ad, which greeted Collectors with personalized timers and communicated how much time was left to use their multiplier before it ran out. This instilled a sense of urgency and kept Collectors engaged.


The Shop2School Contest results exceeded targets in a variety of ways.
• The total number of registrants was over 82K Collectors, a 29% increase from 2009!
• We nearly doubled last year’s contest sales at $3.1M, an increase in incremental revenue of over 200%!
• Incremental transactions increased by 15%, 7% over our goal.
• The contest increased click rates from 2009 of 50% to 60%. Along with slight increases in daily visits, this translated to a significant increase of 27% in daily click rates for 2010.
• Lastly, the total number of unique games played was 98.4% of registrants.


Collectors were given the chance to win a bonus reward mile multiplier upon a successful match of 6 retailer products. This multiplier ranged from 2x to 5x reward miles and could be used on purchases at AMS within 48 hours. The 48 hour countdown began as soon as the multiplier was awarded and Collectors could play as many times as they wanted. In addition, Collectors could win a $10,000 American Express gift card.