CLIENT NAME: Mars Austria OG
Campaign started: Q4 2017
Campaign ended: Q2 2018
Created at: September 14, 2018


Analyses of the pet snack market showed double digit growth rates at low penetration rates, indicating a lot of unused potential! It is also a very profitable market due to higher price/kg.

Further research showed customers love choosing different snacks from brands they know & trust. All the more reason to list Mars petfood brands.

However, since shelf space is limited, convincing supermarket procurement to assign additional space to already listed brands is very challenging.

The brief: How can Mars convince supermarkets to list their snack brands additionally to existing products in a 30-minute meeting without being overwhelming or boring?


Meetings with procurement are short and mostly quite dry. At best, sales staff is equipped with short sales-folders they run through to support their most important claims. Our strategy was to break up this rigid structure with something disruptive, but also delightful:

We conquer the cat snack market by creating an informative and entertaining video that is equally fact-packed and cat-packed!

By being different we can convey a large amount of facts while being highly attention grabbing and memorable. At only 2:40 minutes long, it is also highly efficient, leaving a lot of time for further discussion and pleasantries.

Of course, sales staff was also provided with a printed salesfolder they could easily hand out. BUT: it included all visual cues from the video, making it even easier to remember and find facts again later.


Based on customer feedback the video outperformed all expectations as it was very well perceived by the audience.



Campaign  element description:

Sales Video

02_Snacks Sells Salesfolder