The Nissen optician chain has the position of a challenger in the Finnish market place, with four big nationwide actors. Nissen´s branding objective is to be the middle class buyer´s optician store. The focal target is a middle-aged female living in a population center who is price sensitive – she checks all bargain offers before making a purchase, she is not trend-oriented, more like family-oriented and she values a safe, normal life.


It is tricky to reach this target group in ”the offer jungle”. That is why decided to focus our marketing efforts on the social media channels. The target group is a Facebook heavy-user and likes to take part in activating competitions. We created a social media strategy and a one-year marketing plan in which we observed activating, surprising, guidance and commercializing in a positive manner. We brought on biweekly campaigns; all of them activated and, also, aimed at an explicit increase in interest and sales.


Nissen´s feed is super popular in the target group. The number of people liking increased by 50% in the first month and now, after 8 months, Nissen has the highest number of people liking among all the Finnish optician chains. Various activating postings got the target groups seriously in motion. Hundreds of photos and comments were posted to the photo competition and Nissen´s summer competition. There are thousands of people ready to take part in the tests. The postings of those winning in the test competition are popular, people like them and give their comments to them.


The Old Photos competion, search for testers, tester follow-up, Nissen´s surprise, Nissen´s summer competition.