AGENCY: Create Direct
Campaign started: 08/20/2021
Campaign ended: 01/01/2023
Created at: August 23, 2021


Client wanted to create a campaign that had as main objectives:
– Increase overall profitability
– Target important sales channels
– Strengthen distribution


– Rewards program to incentivize loyalty of distributors’ sales force.
– Focus on restaurants and bars
– Cashback rewards campaign based on the volume of sales in as many new locations as possible

The campaign has a complex upsell and cross-sell mechanic for rewarding sales force:
1. The salesperson creates an account.
2. All transactions of the sales force from the last 12 months are uploaded on the platform
3. The cashback is rewarded based on 2 types of campaigns: Rotation campaign or Distribution campaign.

Rotation – where the amount of cashback depends on the sales volume of a product from a pre-determined bundle of products. A specific cashback is set for each bundle.
Distribution – where the amount of cashback is based on the sales volume at specific locations where there have been no sales made in the last 12 months.

All the campaigns conditions were dynamically implemented, so the platform does all the calculations based on the transactions uploaded.

Cashback redeem:

User confirms his fiscal data;

User confirm the IBAN account by uploading a statement from the bank as proof that it is his account;

User chooses how the cashback is transferred:

-> He can upload an invoice to Promotiful, with the amount and campaigns he received cashback


-> He can choose to have Promotiful make an automatic invoice on his behalf, which is instantly approved.



Users has access to transaction history, invoice status, cashback history.


Sogrape Challenge has just been launched. A couple of days old, but full of potential and promise.

Although the program has a complex mechanic, the platform is easy to use, friendly and intuitive.

The client is very happy with the solution because he has:

-A solution that manages all the monthly 2 types of campaigns, for increasing the numeric size of point of sales, and pushing the products on the market

-A solution for cashback payments

-From the user point of view, the process is very simple: he has to sell, submit an invoice and receive the money.


Sogrape Challenge -Create Direct 2021