AGENCY: & et vous
CLIENT NAME: Promotelec
Campaign started: March 23, 2017
Campaign ended: June 16, 2017
Created at: July 26, 2017


Promotelec, an association dedicated to promote useful solutions to improve well-being at home for everyday life wanted to sensitize renters to their obligation from July 1st 2017 to set up a D.E.O (Electric Mandatory Diagnostic) for their locations.


How may a campaign could create a new behaviour and encourage renters to set up a D.E.O ?
First, by developing a message that could create the reflex D.E.O associating the D.E.O to some habits between two locators : between two locators, some deco and a D.E.O.
A simple but strongly effective message that gave sense to the brand’s promise “Le bon sens dans l’habitat”.
On radio, a humoristic hook playing onto the proximity between D.E.O and Déo(dorant) (air-fresher).
On magazines, a print ad with the key visual and message of the campaign.
Second, a tactical campaign to touch renters and drive them to the website to be informed on their obligations as renters : a radio, social and digital campaign on Facebook, Native Ads et Google Adsens and one only word : reach.


With a small media budget and for the online part : around 20 000 euros
• 12 millions impressions
• 356 000 persons reach
• 73 441 clics
• 50 224 visits
• Cost per clic < 0,30€


• Radio
• Facebook
• Native Ads
• Google Adsens


PROMOTELEC_campagne radio DEO_10 sec Marc_-9dBFS_060617
PROMOTELEC_campagne radio DEO_10 sec Pierre Alain_-9dBFS_060617
PROMOTELEC_campagne radio DEO_20 sec_-9dBFS_060617