CLIENT NAME: Gothaer Insurance Company
Campaign started: December 1, 2019
Campaign ended: still ongoing
Created at: August 6, 2020


The Clients brief in short:
• Transforming theoretical life phase concept into an emotional creative concept by
• Inventing creative name and keyvisual for the new phase of life concept
• Create none digital conversation starter for sales representatives
• Create visual overview of all 5 life phases
• Convince management by means of a 2 minute movie (> please watch Movie)


To visualize the life phase concept, we chose the topic of Music. Music accompanies people every day from childhood to old age. Music applies to everyone very individual and can convey emotions extremely authentically. The concept title is „Sound of Life“. In the 1st step we rely on classic print concepts with strong visuals because their tactile experience underlines the value retention of the insurance and their product. The emotional communication pick up the potential customers in their respective life situations and raise awareness of the various risks.

B&F became the lead agency for dialogue marketing and sales promotion for Gothaer Insurance company.
B&F prevailed against nine competitors in a pitch.


„Sound of Life“ is one of the biggest paradigm shifts of the Gothaer Insurance Company in recent decades. The concept was able to convince all players involved 100% – the management as well as the sales force. Such an agreement on a concept is unique, it was said from internal circles. Thousands of sales representatives are trained in this new conceptual approach. In 2020 „Sound of Life“ is to be implementend in all digital and non-digital communication of Gothaer Insurance company. „Sound of Life“ has brought about the most far-reaching changes within a company since the agency B&F was founded. That says more than any percentage.



Sound of Life presentation