AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: December 1, 2016
Campaign ended: December 23, 2016
Created at: August 18, 2017


Spotta is the biggest Dutch distributor of unaddressed printed advertising material. Every year, Spotta sends a New Years present to their clients, e.g. retailers, manufacturers and agencies. With this present, Spotta thanks their clients for another year of working together and getting them excited for the new year ahead.

What advertisers are not aware of, is that there are more options than just a simple folder to add to the folder pack. Spotta has numerous of creative suggestions, to stand out. Spotta asked vandenbusken to bring this message across in the new years present.


Creative concept

It was important for Spotta to have their brand values integrated in the campaign concept, especially: young, energetic and renewing.  Vandenbusken created the concept: “Start the year with a bang!”. In this concept, we were able to explain how Spotta moves with the beat of your company by using speaker boxes as a metaphor.


We have send the advertisers a box that fits the letterbox. The fact that it fits the letter box was essential for the idea, as it shows how you can still be creative with the restriction that the mail piece should be flat.

Inside the box, two cardboard speaker boxes are presented, accompanied with a Spotify credit for €10,- (Spottafy). Because these boxes are flat when they come through the mailbox, we show advertisers that is one of the creative options to add to a folder pack. The present shows how Spotta is thinking “out of the box” and challenges to keep doing that in the next year.


There was no absolute sales goal for this campaign. However, the sales team received very positive responds from their relations and 54% of all Spotify gift cards were collected.


DM – box with cardboard speaker boxes and Spotify gift card


Available documents for download:

170359 Spotta New Years IDN Awards Case