Campaign started: 05/10/2021
Campaign ended: 06/20/2021
Created at: August 23, 2021


Kamux, a car dealer network specializing in used cards, wanted to roll out a summer campaign with the following goals:

1) increase the awareness of Kamux
2) strengthen the image of the Kamux great quality-price-ratio
2) present the extensive Kamux dealership network

As the business of Kamux, to an increasing extent, is based on digital commerce, the functional goal of this campaign was to step up the number of online visits. The more visits to the Kamux site, the more business there will be generated.


The last 18 months have been dreary. Covid has racked the business, life has been squeezed into a small bubble. The restrictions have been depressing, walls have been tripping over you. Dreaming of traveling, no chance – except domestic.

People have been missing their freedom. Summer is – as we all know – the time of freedom. The car is the symbol of freedom; it takes you wherever you want to go, whenever you want.

As a result of all this, The Summer of Freedom was selected as the campaign theme, with an idea to increase the attractivity of the car traveling by presenting less known Finnish travel destinations that can be reached only by car. The attractivity of the campaign was increased by a draw the winner of which was presented with a convertible Mercedes for the summer period.

For the Summer of Freedom campaign, a special site was integrated into the site, where the visitors were able to:

1) Participate in a draw with a convertible Mercedes for the summer as the prize. By the draw, visitors were not only invited to check up the site but also, we communicated Kamux as the dealership of high-quality cars.

2) To check out interesting, but not too well-known Finnish travel destinations which can be reached only by car. All destinations were selected from the 57 locations with a Kamux dealership – a way of communicating and presenting the extensive dealership network of Kamux.

Radio was selected as the main media for the campaign, as it is considered to be an effective channel in increasing awareness and directing people to the internet. The campaign was effectively displayed also in digital media as well as in display advertising and social media channels.


The Summer of Freedom pulled off beyond all expectations.
– There were more than 25,000 entries in the draw. The popularity of the draw surprised. Therefore the opportunity to participate had to be closed a week before the initial end of participation, as the sellers were unable to respond to all incoming requests.
– From 17 May to 24 June 2021 (ie from the beginning of the campaign until the end of the draw), the number of new site users increased by more than 12 % compared to the same period in 2020.
– Listen Through Rate on Radio was a staggering 91.3 %

As Kamux is a listed company, sales figures cannot be distinguished by country (Finland, Sweden, Germany).
April-June in brief:
– Net sales increased by 52.0 % to EUR 228.8 million. EUR (2020 corresponding figure: 150.5)
– The number of cars sold increased by 25.0 % to 16,760 cars (corresponding figure for 2020: 113,413)
– Sales of comparable stores increased by 37.9 % (corresponding figure for 2020: -16.9)