AGENCY: & et vous
CLIENT NAME: Groupe Rocher (Yves Rocher)
Campaign started: January 1, 2017
Campaign ended: June 30, 2017
Created at: July 26, 2017


How to make the new and innovative HR strategy known, understood and shared by every group’s employees in order to successfully implement each new HR action and support change.


The idea : a proper internal communication territory based on a strong promise, translating the humanist and reformist HR vision of the company : BECAUSE WE CARE.

On the substance, the new territory unfold itself around 4 strong commitments, adding value to each action and proving each employee their benefits :
• Be protected
• Be considered
• Be Efficient
• Be Enhanced

Each of these commitments implying a specific tone of voice.

On the form, it brought heterogeneity into homogeneity :
– A better identification enabled via distinctive codes : forms and pictograms
– An overall coherence guaranteed by a global harmony.

In short, a proper communications territory capable to convey and valorize every action, to involve every internal publics around an ambitious HR project.


A very strong accommodation within the hole Group, especially within the top150 managers.
Nominated for various HR and communication prices.
From a HR specific communication territory, it became the hole internal communications territory.


• Graphic charter
• Billboards
• Videos
• Digital
• Emailings


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