AGENCY: B&F Brueggemann & Freunde
CLIENT NAME: Soennecken
Campaign started: 08/31/2021
Campaign ended: 08/10/2022
Created at: August 10, 2022


Sustainability is very important nowadays. For this reason, Soennecken asked us to develop a strategy to implement „sustainability in the office“
in many advertising materials and channels. In addition to classic print advertising materials, video advertising materials and digital media such
as presentation templates should also be designed and implemented. B&F has acquired a high level of expertise in the conception and implementation
of video over the last year.


As a milestone, we designed and implemented a 2:20 minute video on sustainability in the office. We selected video clips out of Foto stocks and
video clips we shot ourselves, edited them, and set them to music and a narrator. We have also integrated the topic of sustainability into various
advertising materials such as flyers and catalog pages. In the chart presentation, which was very popular during the Corona Pandemic, sustainability
was also a priority part.


The results of the sustainability campaign surprised the client and agency:
• The participating companies were very enthusiastic about the video and the possible customization.
• More than 35% of all dealers use this chance to get an individual video. A participant uplift of incredible 145%!
• The other advertising media such as flyers and charts also benefited from the synergy. Compared to the previous year, the participants have
respectively increased by 45% and 72% .