The service is included for all Viasat customers. It gives access to everything broadcasted on Viasat’s tv-channels. Depending on which channels you have, you can watch movies, tv-programs, sport etc. on your computer, smartphone or tablet. However, to get access to, you have to register an account.
Viasat wanted to increase the number of registered accounts with 9 %.
They also wanted to increase the activity among customers who already have registered an account.


Customers using tend to be more satisfied and stay longer, which of course, in the long run, is worth a lot of money.
Target groups
Viasat and Viasat partner customers without a Viasat and Viasat partner customers with a

Sub groups
Viasat and Viasat partner customers with different channel packages:
• Sport
• Film
• Entertainment/Documentary/Children
• Gold (= all channels)

Most customers interested in have already registered an account.
Limited budget – we had to find a simple solution that worked for all the target groups


We haven’t received any final results yet, but so far, one of Viasat’s partners shows a lot better result than in a previous campaign.


Swedes often spend part of their summer vacation visiting interesting Swedish sights. Since the campaign ran during this period, we played with the idea that there are a lot of things to see in Sweden. So we developed a simple two-page direct mailer, showing famous Swedish sights perfectly suited for watching all the films, sports and tv-programs Viasat offers! Copywise we used the tone of voice often seen in tourist brochures.
The solution was very economical, since we just had to change the pictures and copy for the different editions.