CLIENT NAME: Chefs Plate
Campaign started: November 1, 2019
Campaign ended: March 31, 2020
Created at: August 27, 2020


Chefs Plate, part of Hello Fresh, is a Canadian company that offers a meal box subscription service with local ingredients. Their weekly changing recipes can be cooked easily and fast. Via Harvest Digital, the IDN member from the UK, we were asked to create ideas for social media ads and execute these for a very diverse range of target audiences, from Veggie lovers to a male audience. All of them had to be convinced to try the Chefs Plate’s product.


We noticed that the ads that were created by Chef’s Plate before, were mainly product focussed, lacking emotion Messaging was based on discount, like most of the competitors do. We also noticed that they communicated the same kind of message to all their target audiences, while different target audience might have different reasons to buy.

Together with Harvest, we decided to use a segmented approach. Reaching different target audiences with messaging based on the needs of that specific target audience. We also added some emotion into the ads. To further increase the chance the target audience could identify themselves with the messaging of the ad.

As mentioned earlier, different target audiences might have different reasons to buy. How can we convince a male target audience for example to try Chefs Plate? Perhaps by mentioning that the time they save with Chefs Plate can be used to do things they love the most, like video gaming, playing ice hockey or spending time with their loved ones. Or maybe by communicating that they can be the king of the kitchen with Chefs Plate.

We decided to create a lot of different ads per target audience and let the data give the answer.


At the moment, the ads are paused, because Chefs Plate couldn’t handle the demand of their product. If it’s because of our ads, or because of the Covid19 situation, we don’t know yet. Hopefully we will know it soon, when the ads can be continued. Most important result for both Harvest Digital and to us: the client was very happy with the ads and strategy we created.


Chefs plate – Tasty content Presentation