AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: July 10, 2019
Campaign ended: July 19, 2019
Created at: July 31, 2019


Weber Holland asked vandenbusken to come up with an idea for a campaign to increase the number of qualitative Instagram followers (which are interested in Weber and/or grilling). New followers had to be real barbecue lovers.


We wanted to create a campaign in which the target audience got in touch with the brand in a playful way, but differently than just asking them to follow our Instagram page. Besides that, we wanted to strengthen the relationship with existing followers during the barbecue season.

People often say they are a barbecue hero, but are they a barbecue videogame hero as well? We created the Backyard Hero Game to proof it! A tap & hold video game distributed through the Instagram Story Format.

Within the week before the game started, we distributed Instagram Story & Feed ads and targeted Instagram users who already showed interest to the brand. We communicated that they had to follow the page to receive new updates regarding the game.

The game consisted of 5 levels. Each day that week, a new video game was posted in the Instagram Story of Weber’s Instagram page. People had to play the video games, make screenshots of their results and share these in their Instagram Stories with a mention to the Instagram page of Weber to make it measurable.

The winner received a barbecue package with the value of € 1,000,-.


The total number of followers of Weber increased with 918 during the campaign (18% increase)

– Number of participants each day: 175 (at least)
– Total number of participants: 301
– 69 participants played all 5 games successfully
– Participants shared their results on their own profile. A lot of free exposure, since we were also reaching their followers!
– Users with a closed profile also participated, but couldn’t be measured (which means actual results are even better!)

Weber presented the case to other countries around the world of which a couple already reached out to us to collaborate!


Case Weber Instagram Story Game I- DN award