For the fourth year in a row, Viasat is sending their customers a personalized birthday greeting movie. The birthday greeting movie is part of Viasat’s loyalty program Viasat Ger Tillbaka (Viasat Gives Back).

• Increase knowledge about Viasat Ger Tillbaka
• Build the Viasat brand
• Make the customer feel that Viasat is a warm and friendly company
• Activate the customer
• Decrease churn


Target audience: All Viasat customers

Today, competition on the TV-broadcasting market is tougher then ever before. There are numerous ways customers can get the TV-channels they want – via satellite, cable, optical fiber or ADSL. And providing hight quality content is of course essential.

Obviously, to keep customers happy and to make them stay customers isn’t an exact science. The reasons for churning are many, and it’s almost impossible to pin-point any special CRM activity that makes customers stay longer. But Viasat has been sending birthday greetings since 2012, so there’s probably a reasonably strong connection between the decrease in churn and the birthday greetings.

Just as in the 2014 birthday greeting movie, we used a celebrity – this year we asked artist Ola Salo to write a special birthday greeting song. But when last year’s song was low-key and earth bound, Ola’s is more of a rock’n’roll hymn, taking place in space …

An e-mail (see link below) was sent to the customer on his or her birthday. When clicking on a link, the customer is directed to the web-based movie (see link below). The customer’s name and locus is retrieved dynamically and shown on computer screens, on a data sheet and at the end of the movie. We printed the 400 most common names among Viasat’s customers on data sheets (which covers around 85 % of the customers) and filmed each sheet! The rest of the customers got another version without the close-up of the data sheet, but with their names and locus on the computer screens and at the end of the movie.


The birthday greeting movie is recently released. So unfourtunately, we can’t present any results yet. But indications from the client is very promising!


On the customer’s birthday, he or she gets an e-mail with a personalized birthday
greeting and a link to the personalized movie.

Birthday greeting mail:

Birthday greeting movie:

log in code:


The Birthday Greeting 4.0 translation.docx