Campaign started: 03/14/2021
Campaign ended: 07/30/2021
Created at: August 10, 2021


Even and especially in the pandemic, it is vital for an agency to win new clients. Since personal contacts were not possible for a long time, we started and implemented an extraordinary project. The game „The crazy Deadline“ aims to position us in the minds of marketing decision-makers as a strategically thinking and creative agency.

The briefing for the creative team:
Development of a funny yet realistic game idea around advertising and marketing. Everything is possible.


The result is a classic role-playing game. The players can slip into the roles of 4 different people from the advertising and marketing world and have the task of being the first to bring their project to its goal. The unplanned events, which every marketing expert certainly knows well, bring fun and dynamism.

Every marketing manager knows the surprises, problems and hassles on the way to the finish a project. And so is the name of the game: The crazy deadline.

The execution is a high-quality board game in a configuration comparable to a commercially available game. 1.000 games were produced, this covers the need of 2-3 years.


The production of 1.000 games has just been completed. This amount is intended for 2-3 years and will be sent to seriously interested companies. Around 100 games had been sent to prospects by the end of July.

– This resulted in 46 responses.
– There were 12 direct meetings most of them on zoom or teams bit also including 3 real on-site meetings (!!).
– The most gratifying indicators are 2 new clients who have briefed a project directly.