AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje
Campaign started: April 3, 2019
Campaign ended: April 18, 2019
Created at: July 31, 2019


Our brief for this project was to make people aware of the fact that Michelin star restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje was open for dinner on Easter Sunday.


To draw attention to the fact that the Michelin star restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje” was open for dinner on Easter Sunday, vandenbusken organised a contest. Players could win a dinner for two. The name of the challenge was: “Color your own ‘t Amsterdammertje Easter egg”.
Leveraging Instagram Stories in an innovative way, color your own Easter egg allowed ‘t Amsterdammertje fans/guests to create their own Easter egg. Users had to make a screenshot of a pre-made easter egg image and could decorate the egg with Instagram Story Tools, such as pencils, GIPHY’s etc.
Participants colored and shared their unique designs via Instagram Stories and tagged the Instagram profile of ‘t Amsterdammertje.
The nicest egg was personally chosen by top chef André Gerrits and received the prize: a dinner for two on Easter Sunday.

We activated the contest through Instagram Stories, Instagram feed posts, Facebook feed posts.


The initiative was a success! 48 unique created Eastereggs have been shared by users with an open profile. Closed profiles couldn’t be measured, which means the actual results were even better!

As a result, we reached a lot of other people without investing any additional budget! Because of this playful strategy, a lot of people have been reached by the restaurant and their key message with just a small budget: “We’re open on Easter Sunday”.

Not only we created a lot of awareness for the restaurant, all tables at Easter Sunday were booked for lunch and dinner as well!


Case ‘t Amsterdammertje

ENTRY FORM FOR CASES TO IDN AWARDS – Restaurant ‘t Amsterdammertje