AGENCY: NXT/A2N Reklame & Digitalbyrå
CLIENT NAME: Cramo Norway
Campaign started: 3.10.16
Campaign ended: 7.12.16
Created at: August 18, 2017


Cramo is one of Scandinavia’s largest suppliers within rental of equipment within the construction industry (businesses and consumers). The wanted to do something for a group of people that don´t get too much appreciation and attention. Cramo wanted to do something unselfish and make the public nominate and vote on their favourite school janitor. The winner would get a reward of NOK 50 000 (EUR 5 250) to renovate their school. Cramo came to us with a desire to create an innovative idea to get the message across and to help them get as many nominees as possible.


Target audience: parents, teachers, students who thought their janitor deserved attention.

Creative Strategy

The blog sphere has really exploded in Norway. Everyone wants to blog and let people know what’s going on in their life. We wanted to play around with that. We created a janitor wife and made her the spokesperson for the campaign. Her video-blogs documented the campaign. She nominated her husband and cheered him on during the campaign. We made 5 video-logs that was strategically placed on FB during the campaign, from when she was happy with the nomination to the anger she felt when he didn’t reach the final three. We went for the blog idea due to the fact that its relevant and people have a relationship to it. We also wanted to create a feeling that people didn’t know if this janitor wife was real or fake.

95% of the media budget went to FB. This was the obvious channel to create the buzz and attention we wanted. The first three movies came out every other week and was the nomination period. Then we waited two more weeks before we posted the last two movies, which focused on the voting on the three finalists.


The campaign did something we never thought would happen. It stirred up emotions we never could anticipate. People had real heart-warming words to say about their janitors and wanted them to get the recognition they deserved.

Total nominees: 106

Total votes: 3 000

In addition to FB we also sent out a press release and the media was really interested. 10 newspapers published articles about about the campaign. One of Norway’s more popular radio shows “Norgesglasset” also did a 10-minute segment about one of the nominees. We paid nothing for this coverage.


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Campaign site for nominations and votes

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Press release


Direct mail


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