Campaign started: January, 2017
Campaign ended: On going
Created at: August 17, 2017


For the Finns, the sauna is like pizza for the Italians, or at least as important as Ikea for the Swedes.  In the Finnish sauna culture, the traditions of relaxation and socialization are combined. The sauna is the place where you wash and whisk off titles between people; it is the place where people are truly naked.

Karava, a Finnish family business, has years of experience in producing luxury saunas and wooden products according to the dreams of their customers. The custom-made saunas and wooden products are manufactured with skilled handwork, observing the requirements and wishes of the customers. Karava offers solutions that bear a clear resemblance of the customer purchasing their products, no matter if it is about a sauna, bathroom, patio or just plain paneling. The skills of Karava have been recognized also in the media; their saunas were featured in the television show “Laurin talot”, hosted by Lauri Ylönen.



Along with the facelift of Karava, the company took a new direction in their business. Enabled by their new, more spacious manufacturing facilities, Karava realized their opportunity to create a new Karava brand giving them a possibility to also attract the international market in a competitive way. Several product groups and one brand, that was the vision of a new Karava image created by Suhde Advertising Agency. Thus the various product groups support each other and the resources can be utilized in a more effective way. A harmonious brand image will be visible in all that Karava implements, from the website, marketing material, expo image to the Facebook updates.

In the B2B market hardware stores, interior decorators, architects, building companies and renovating firms can be considered as the most important target groups of Karava. In this market, the biggest product group is wooden products, composing 85% of Karava´s revenue. In the domestic market, also the private consumers have been observed. In the sauna product category, the biggest target groups consist of couples in the age group of 30 – 50 years, as well as pensioners. The objective of Karava is to reach their targets with the help of a versatile and continuous customer communication. The mission of Karava is to be present in the different channels and to be available to the customer irrespective of time.

Quality and individuality form the base of Karava´s activities. Karava want people to realize that they provide what the customers wish and require, not what they have at offer for the time being. A human attitude makes Karava a easily approachable, dependable partner. The collaboration between Karava and Suhde has reached an interesting phase; the idea for the future is to make, on a global scale, the high-quality and trendy saunas and wooden products of Karava to be a part of people´s life.


From the beginning, the collaboration between Suhde and Karava has been innovative and effective. Following the brand facelift starting in the fall of 2016, the monthly sales of Karava have increased remarkably. Along with the updated website, Karava have attracted new customer contacts on a daily basis and on top of that, the monthly sales reached a record in June. Enabled by the renewed brand Karava has succeeded in attracting new customers and offering an even more targeted service to its customer base. The new Karava, built around one consistent brand, is more close to its customers than ever before.



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