AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: PostNL – The Dutch Post
Campaign started: 03/01/2022
Campaign ended: 05/31/2022
Created at: August 11, 2022


PostNL, the Dutch post, is one of the biggest brands in The Netherlands. For agencies, it’s an honor to work for them.

PostNL is divided in many divisions. One of those, the division that focuses on the distribution of Direct Mail, asked us to create and execute a campaign to convince and activate marketing managers and marketing directors of the 46 biggest brands (!) in The Netherlands to make use of Direct Mail in their next campaign.

Why? Because Direct Mail is not a communication channel that is top of mind at marketing departments of these biggest brands. There is a lack of knowledge and very low interest in this ‘old fashioned’ communication channel. However, Direct Mail isn’t old fashioned at all, and even more important, it is a very powerful medium to generate conversions.

The objective of this campaign was to get the recipients of the campaign inspired and to activate them to get in touch with PostNL.


When you have to convince a target audience of a certain communication medium, you have to use that certain medium. You have to inspire them and show them what the possibilities and results are.

We had to communicate a difficult message, for a very low interest product, to a very difficult audience to reach.

Therefore, we decided to split the audience into two segments; 1) Marketing Managers and 2) Marketing Directors, and to reach them only with the information that applied to the needs of the specific audience.

To Marketing Directors, we focused mainly on the ROI that you can make with Direct Mail. To Marketing Managers, we focused on inspiration as well. Besides that, the messaging to Marketing Managers was more conversion focused, since they were the target group that would get in touch with PostNL eventually.

We had to make impact. With this target audience, you only get one chance to introduce yourself. And this is how we did it…

Every marketeer wants to reach their target audience. And not only reaching them, but also hitting them and making impact. Preferably, as powerful as possible. Many communication channels can give a little slap. But that isn’t what you’re looking for. As a marketeer you want that KNOCK-OUT power! And that’s exactly where the power of Direct Mail lies!

To bring this message across, we did make use of 3 different phases. Each phase was focusing on another key message, with its own Direct Mail.


The results were impressive:
• 28% (13 out of 46) of the companies in our database made an appointment with an account manager of PostNL.
• This has already led to 2 closed deals. One of these two deals is with a very big supermarket chain in the Netherlands. And since the campaign ended during the start of the vacation, the expectation is that more deals will follow.
• Last but not least, the client mentioned that this was one of their most successful campaigns ever.