AGENCY: Roi Division
CLIENT NAME: Swedish Radio
Campaign started: June, 2018
Campaign ended: July, 2018
Created at: September 17, 2018


Morgonpasset i P3 is Swedish Radio’s live morning show.

Objectives: – Increase linear radio listening – Increase followers on Instagram – Increase listening via Swedish Radio’s app – Very important to reach people outside Stockholm


Target group: 20–35, all over Sweden.

Challenge: With a limited budget, using social media was an obvious choice. The “problem” was that the show itself was already extremely active in all social media channels, especially on Instagram. How could we improve what they already were doing so well? We presented several creative ideas before we decided on the one that would do the trick: drag the radio show’s hosts out of the studio comfort zone and send them on a summer road trip through Sweden!

So, we presented them with a 1986 Ford van – striped with specially designed Morgonpasset graphics – and the chauffeur Eric (a nice bearded guy from the deep forests of Sweden), together with a schedule for the tour. And off they went, out on the roads, making stops at places like Uppsala, Norrköping, Vänersborg and Göteborg, meeting their audience eye to eye, listening to their stories. A journey through the true Sweden, miles away from safe and cozy Stockholm, experiencing beach parties, snakes, a medieval fight in full armour and repeated engine failures in the middle of the highway. In short, great content for the radio show.

Each stop was announced beforehand on the show, on Instagram and on posters. The listeners could interact in real time, giving the crew tips on where to go and even inviting them to pay them a visit: “Make a stop at my place and I’ll treat you with my famous cinnamon buns.”

Also, an important part of our delivery was to produce trailers, teasers and film templates for social media (16:9, 9:16 & Square) with the campaign graphics – which made it very easy for the crew to film funny stuff and post it on Instagram and Facebook.


The number of views on social media is usually about 2 million. During the Road Trip week it went up to an amazing 6 million

1 500 new followers on Instagram

Views on Instagram:

  • before the campaign: 2 639 717
  • after the campaign: 3 101 017 views

The reach doubled from 100 000 to 200 000 people

We also reached twice as many unique Instagram accounts than we usually do

Also: a lot more interaction than we usually get


Social Media, Live broadcast, App, Podcast, Posters, A 1986 Ford van

Campaign  element description:

Case film, SoMe films, Ford van, Posters



Some of the templates we produced for the crew to use when posting stuff on social media.


Logo animation:
Header template: