AGENCY: Roi Division
CLIENT NAME: Paulig Coffee
Campaign started: January, 2018
Campaign ended: Ongoing
Created at: September 17, 2018


When Finnish market leader Paulig wanted to enter the Swedish market, we were asked to develop a communication strategy and a marketing concept. Compared to Paulig’s total dominance in the Finnish coffee market, the Swedish market is very saturated, with a couple of big brands and many medium and small sized brands. In short, Swedes in general are not asking for a new coffee brand, so you need a smart strategy to enter the market.


After digging deep into Paulig’s core values, we found something very interesting: a century-long history of making profound difference in the local community, both where the coffee is produced and where it is consumed. This is when This Cup Counts was born.

Our marketing strategy, content strategy and the creative concept are all built on the brands business strategy, which is based on social responsibility. Instead of focusing on how the beans are roasted, or the intriguing flavours, This Cup Counts empowers local enthusiasts. For every kilo of coffee sold, Paulig donates € 2 to non-profit organizations. This gives everyone who drinks This Cup Counts an opportunity to make a real difference in their community – just by drinking a cup of coffee. In fact, you don’t even have to buy the coffee to make a difference. On everyone can vote and affect how the money is distributed between the organizations.


Going from 0 to 244 000 views on YouTube, 430 followers on Facebook, 363 followers on Instagram and 6 000 unique visitors on the homepage may not sound like an impressive achievement. But as we all know, launching a new product on a saturated market is always a challenge. And the real achievement was that the campaign attracted an important re-seller, who offers This Cup Counts in 24 coffee shops.


Film, Instagram, Facebook, Website, POS

Campaign  element description:

A big part of the work was to scout the first three local non-profit organizations and to produce movies that describe each organization’s visions and goals. The strategy was to have a focus on the organizations rather than on the coffee. If we promoted them on social media, they would promote This Cup Counts and we would reach their followers.

Another part of the work was to design the website and the logics behind the voting. Also, we designed brochures, flyers, posters, ads, etc for POS. Visit and vote for your favorite organization! Communication via highlighting the local initiatives/organizations.

Film Model: – Brand film/hero film – communicate the good vibes and the “local heroes” – Get to know the organizations – one film for each of the organizations, where we present their vision and mission. – Explainer film – film that explains the concept – Teasers – out of all the material described above we made a bunch of shorter teasers that we sprinkled the Internet with.

SoMe films: To gain traction on e.g. Instagram we made a stack of vibrant/colorful animation-based film templates, where we easily could produce new films around any given subject we had at hand – products, reactions, holiday greetings and various call-to-actions.

Image library: We also produced – or rather hoarded – a huge library of a wide variety of photos to the brand so that the SoMe managers, marketing department, sales and web developers never would be short on content.





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SoMe films:

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