To get new customers, Viasat “unlocked” their premium channels – Sport and Film – for a week or two to.

Viasat also offers their channels through partners like Sappa, Telia and Com Hem.

This time Viasat was having a free week on their Sport channel.

To communicate this, Viasat usually tells their customers about the event in an e-mail or a direct mailer, focusing quite heavily on a 3 or 6 free months offer.


We wanted to change the strategy a bit. Instead of trying to get people to BUY, we sent an e-mail, tempting them with some of the content of the free week – great Champion League games, Formula 1 etc. (The e-mail is shown only in copy.)

Monday March 9, the first day of the free week, we sent the customers an sms (not shown), reminding them of the free week and what they could look forward to.

During the free week we followed the different sports events – who made a beautiful goal in Champions League or NHL? etc.

Sunday evening, March 15 and the last day of the free week, copywriter Per and art director Jonas, compiled the free week’s most intriguing sport-events and made a direct mailing.

We used the headline “Those Were The Days”. Meaning last week, when you could watch all that great sport.

Monday March 16, we sent the customers an sms (not shown), hoping they enjoyed the free week and telleing them that they could continue watching Viasat Sport for free for another 6 months. After the free period they’d pay the regular fee. In the sms there was a telephone link, so that they could order immediately.

The same day (Monday), the direct mailing was approved by the client on Monday and was digitally printed and sent to the customers within ten days, with an offer to subscribe to the Sport channel. Obviously, the direct mailing was sent only to those who didn’t respond to the sms.

So, instead of talking in general terms of the different sports, we actually talked about the special events that had taken place during the free week. If you’d seen the formidable PSG-Chelsea game, you got a reminder. If not, you were sorry you’d missed it.


We can’t present any exact figures, but the campaign was well received among the customers (with pretty high take rates) and also internaly at Viasat. They’ve now decided to use the same strategy for a coming free week on the Sport channel.


Those Were The Days translation.docx