AGENCY: Direxions
CLIENT NAME: Birla Corporation Ltd. (BCL)
Campaign started: October 5, 2017
Campaign ended: December 5, 2017
Created at: September 12, 2018


• Recognition for Birla Cements dealers’ families which shows that Club Ultimate goes far beyond business considerations to connect with its valuable members.
• To create an emotional connect in building this relationship brand (Club Ultimate) in the cement industry.
• To create an aspiration for those whose families who did not get a chance to make it this year, also for those whose families qualified and won, to participate again in the future.


Target audience: Cement dealers of Birla Corporation Limited ( BCL) who are members of the loyalty program Club Ultimate.

Strategy: 1. Appealing to the pride of the member through campaign design leading to participation.
2. Keeping the nomination process entirely online, on a responsive website, for ease of participation and operations.
3. Multi-media communication- SMS, website, outbound call and through Sales team of BCL.
4. Bilingual communication (English and Bengali).
5. Using the platform of Annual Dealer Conference of client for felicitation, making it easy for all stakeholders- Dealers, Sales team and senior management team of client.


• 323 nominations received. Exceeded client expectation by a wide margin.
• Cut-off marks finalized: 85% in Secondary and Higher Secondary (Very high by Indian standard) and 60% for the special category
• Total 61 nominees cleared the challenging cut-off thresholds to make it to the ‘Honour of Excellence’ league. The process surpassed client expectation by a huge margin, so cut-off was revised multiple times.
• 89 nominees were given Appreciation of Effort


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