AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: DeWALT – part of Stanley Black& Decker
Campaign started: November 3, 2016
Campaign ended: December 1, 2016
Created at: August 18, 2017


DeWALT offers a range of top quality, professional power tools. DeWalt is market leader on most products, however, they’ve lost market share of laser tools due to lack of innovation.

Therefore, DeWALT introduced an innovative product in the fourth quarter of 2016: a rotating laser with 18v flexvolt battery. DeWALT knew that this is a product the market has been waiting for.

But retailers might not always see this need in the market, as the laser products are quite expensive. Therefore, DeWALT approached vandenbusken to create a campaign targeting retailers, to support the introduction and convince them to stock up.


To create impact amongst retailers before hitting the market with the new product, we’ve rolled-out an intensive multi-step 1-to-1 campaign, using innovative channels to bring our message across: DeWALT is back in front position of the laser segment. We’ve communicated under the concept: “Turn it around”

Step 1.
Teaser: the aim was to get the target group excited and curious for the new product. All retailers within the target group received a personalised teaser card with a special code. With this code, they could win the very first 360 laser in Benelux, or 200 DeWALT Heavy Duty Bags.

Step 2.
Innovative communication: our goal here was to build up the excitement and emphasize the level of innovation.
Retailers received a pair of Google Cardboard glasses. We’ve produced a product innovation video with a product instructor. What better medium to demonstrate a 360 laser than a 360 video? The product and laser itself can be viewed from all angles.

Step 3.
Finally: the target group received an information package about the newest laser product, with a clear CTA to call and order products for their store. The product information pack included an offer to receive quality POS materials when ordering for a certain amount.

Watch the 360 video!


• 21,1% of the entire target group visited the landing page and filled out the code.
• 61,09% watched the 360° video. The average viewing time was over 95% of the entire video.
• With this campaign, DeWALT successfully introduced their new product innovation, claimed an innovative image and won back market share.

  • Step 1: DM teaser card, landing page
  • Step 2: DM Google VR Cardboard glasses and 360 video
  • Step 3: DM information package and sales call


Available documents for download:

170359 DeWalt IDN Awards Case