CLIENT NAME: Samlerhuset


Samlerhuset is one of the world’s largest distributors of collectibles and the company have made their success by offering various coin/medal/stamp programmes as subscriptions. In order to commemorate the 200 years anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution Samlerhuset and the Norwegian Mint wanted to offer a Constitution medal to the people of Norway for free. The main objective with the campaign was to invest in customer acquisition during a main national event and in order to increase the customer base. Samlerhuset also wanted to explore the possibilities for limiting the investment by finding new ways of presenting the offer.


Target audience: the typical customer is a man aged 50-75, but since the market is matured we wanted to reach every adult Norwegian showing interest in commemorative coins/medals. Key was to convert prospects into active subscribers.

Creative strategy: Samlerhuset order their medals from the Norwegian Mint and experience show that co-branding with the mint makes the product appear more official. Therefore the creative strategy was making the marketing material look as official and “dull” as possible. The mint (and the state) should be perceived as the sender of the offer, not Samlerhuset.

Media strategy/execution: Norway has a population of only 5 million and the market for collectibles is matured. Therefore the strategy was to go as broad as possible in order to attract new customers and generate sales through a campaign site. The critical success factor was to make it simple for customers to place their order. The structure and logic of the campaign site was therefore vital. We therefore started our work on the site and when it worked effectively we thereafter continued with the production of campaign material in order to drive traffic to the site. We only used channels we knew would be efficient in driving traffic.


The main objective was acquiring new customers and the campaign was a huge success. 175.000 visitors on the campaign site generated a sale of 50.000 medals (sold-out). 80 % of the orders were from new customers and 25 % of the customers were converted into active subscribers of various coin/medal programmes.

The campaign was seen as an investment and the medal was initially for free. The average order value ended at NOK 140, which actually turned the investment into profit.

Due to the massive response Samlerhuset launched a second (unlimited) Constitution medal in 2014 (which have doubled total sales…).


– Campaign site
– Newsletters (e-mail) to passive customers
– Addressed mailing to passive customers
– Unaddressed mailing to 550.000 Norwegian households
– Web banners in all major Norwegian sites + retargeting
– TV commercials on national TV
– Follow-up newsletters to new customers
– Reminder newsletters to people not finalizing their orders