CLIENT NAME: Instru Optiikka Oy, Instru
Campaign started: February 13, 2017
Campaign ended: May 31, 2017
Created at: August 17, 2017


Instrumentarium is the biggest, largest and oldest optician chain in Finland. They have 147 stores in Finland and 20 in Estonia. In each of the stores the client is served by professional opticians and educated, skilled specialists of eyeglass frames. In addition there is a reception of an eye specialist in every store.


In Finland, the specs business is highly competitive. There are a huge number of shops and chains, some of them focusing on inexpensive sales, while others lean on expertise, quality and brands – like Instrumentarium. The competitive edge of Instrumentarium is not the price, but the quality. However, there is a continuous need for creating and providing great offers.

In our campaign at the beginning of the year, we offered two pairs of specs at the price of one. Initially, the offer was valid only for a limited period of tume, but as the campaign worked out extremely well, the campaign period was extended twice.

You could take advantage of the “Two pairs at the price of one” offer by getting both pairs for yourself or by giving the second pair to a friend. This is why we presented various “pairs” with the idea “Select your pair”.


Selfmailer pull was super great 4,77 %. That means Instru sold 6.826 pairs of eyeglasses just to this selfmailer target group!

We sent five emails with different themes. The average pull was 2%.

With these 5 emails Instru sold 35.826 pairs of eyeglasses.



The target group of the self-mailer was 90,000 regular customers of Instrumentarium who had not visited Instrumentarium for two years – as well male as female ones. When purchasing spectacles, finding suitable frames is a particularly influential factor for the buying decision. This is why we presented plenty of different frames.


As the campaign period was extended due to the good outcome, we reminded of the campaign with an email action targeting the own base. The contents of this offer were applied to the various messages with the help of actual events.

14.2, Valentine´s Day

“Instru wishes all a really happy Valentine´s Day ”

28.2, Cross-country skiing, world championships/ the team sprint day

“In the program today, team sprint to Instru”

8.3, International Women´s Day

“Behind everything there is a woman. Have a great Women´s Day”1.4 1.4, April Fool´s Day – in Finnish ”Aprillipäivä”

“Just remember folks, today is rillipäivä” (“Rilli” = an everyday word for specs)

10.5. Rush-up

“The last weeks of this offer start now”


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